Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pin Up or Shut Up

Over here in Spicetag land we are massive fans of all things retro, and a major area we love is Pin Up Girl art. To show our love we have began a new range of Pin Up Girl T-shirts which will be increased by one every week. So far 4 weeks 4 Pin Up Girl T-shirts, and you can see these below.

Week One: A take of a music video using a Pin Up Girl style which mixes both vintage and modern to make a great Pop Top. Click Here.

Week Two: Here we have a horror zombie Pin Up with blood around the mouth and hand whilst holding an eye ball, errr... YUK! Click Here.

Week Three: Our Rugby edition is a range within a range? A Pin Up Girl running with Rugby ball in hand. This was created for each Country in the 6 Nations but also features South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Click Here.

Week Four:  This design features new with old, a Pin-Up Girl taking a photo of herself (Selfie) with a smart phone whilst holding a pug dressed as a sailor, Oh... how cute. Click Here.

So if you're a fan of vintage these t-shirts are perfect for you, if you're a fan of Tattoos these t-shirts are perfect for you, if you're a fan of sexy, half naked women these t-shirts are perfect for you.

Thanks for viewing

The Spicetag team